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Egyptian Loofah sponge

Our range of natural Egyptian Loofahs gives your skin a healthy glow and radiance by exfoliating in the most organic way. By scrubbing away the dead skin and enhancing surface circulation your skin is left glowing. It also stimulates skin nerve endings.



The loofah comes from a vegetable plant that is related to the cucumber. It has a high absorbency rate of water and other solutions such as bath gels. It is also a natural media for temperature insulation. The loofah is made of meshed fibers that when dry make a great exfoliating agent. This is what our range of high-quality scrubbers are made from.



Our Egyptian loofahs are made of soft, skin-friendly, spongy fibers that have soft ridges which means they have no scratchy surfaces. We do not bleach or color to whiten or soften them so you can be sure your skin is exposed to organic materials only. Our range of loofahs also features wider, thicker and richer fibers making it the perfect bathroom accessory.



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