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About us

CraftsOfEgypt started as a small home industry that eventually evolved into the world-class business it is today. Throughout the years we have endeavored to maintain tradition as we expand our brand. Our range of luxurious, natural bath care accessories is hand processed in keeping up with our reputation as the best quality brand in the market. We source the finest organic raw materials from around the world to give you the highest quality of wooden materials, organic loofahs and much more.

We are strongly committed to ethical and environmentally sustainable procedures in the manufacture of our products. None of our products or ingredients are tested on animals. Our products can also be personalized to fit your company and brand logo.

Our products are superior in quality and design, eco-friendly and quite distinctive from the rest in terms of both sourcing and manufacture. We support local communities and handle every step of manufacture in a committed way to provide tailor-made products for our customer's exact requirements.

 All our products are fulfilled via  3rd party warehouses all across the USA.

Our Address:

4136 Continental Dr,
Burlington, ON L7M 4N4

e-mail: support@CraftsOfEgypt.com