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Egyptian Perfume bottles

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Legendary Egyptian Artistry

For centuries, handmade Egyptian glass has been prized all over the world. Today, at CraftsOfEgypt, we still make gorgeous glass bottles the ancient, traditional way - mouth-blowing & hand-finishing every piece to create a unique work of art. At the same time, we finetune our classic designs for modern tastes & needs. The result is a fusion of old and new: exotic fairytale beauty straight out of the Arabian Nights... finished with up-to-date details.

Exquisite Heirloom Quality

Forget mass-produced imitations. Our handcrafted bottles:

*Look like the bottles you see in our product pictures - same fanciful shapes & designs

*Glow with rich, luminous colors that will never wear off
*Comes with a matching glass applicator tops, so you can easily apply perfume, cologne & essential oils
*Ship safely in strong, secure packaging to prevent breakage

All at an affordable price and backed by our full guarantee, so you can order these collectible keepsakes with total confidence.

Countless Uses, Both Decorative & Practical

Fill these beautiful bottles with your favorite perfume. Use them for pills, essential oils, aromatherapy. Or simply display them on a coffee table or knick-knack shelf. They're perfect for gift-giving, too, so add to cart now... for yourself and all the connoisseurs you know.